Garden Advice for the Month

Things to do in February

1. Choose and plant camellias, azaleas and Chinese magnolias

2. Purchase clivias.

3. Plant gerberas and gladioli.

4. Plant asparagus from bare-root.

5. Prune kiwi vines.

6. Cut back fuchsias once they begin to grow.

7. In coastal zones: prune begonias, ginger, cannas, asparagus ferns, ivy and pyracantha.

8. Deadhead cool-season flowers to keep them blooming.

9. Propagate running bamboo in coastal zones.

10. Continue to fertilize citrus trees in coastal zones.

11. Continue to fertilize epiphyllums.

12. Fertilize avocado trees in coastal zones.

13. Feed deciduous fruit trees.

14. Fertilize roses.

15. Fertilize fuchsias.

16. Fertilize cineraria to promote blooms.

17. Fertilize cane berries as they begin to grow.

18. Keep roses and bulbs well-watered.

19. Bait for slugs and snails.

20. Control pests on citrus trees, sycamore, ash and alder trees.

21. Protect cinerarias from leaf miners, aphids, and slugs and snails.

22. Mulch young avocado trees.

23. Don’t forget Valentine’s Day!